Newspaper Template for InDesign

Newspaper Template for InDesign


Please note the wood background is not included in this template. The grunge style background can be downloaded here: A warm photo filter (#85) in photoshop is applied to the preview images, with an opacity of 61%.

Fonts Used in Digital Tabloid Newspaper Template for InDesign

Not Free (But usually included in Adobe Creative Suite)

  • Adobe Caslon

  • Arial

  • Georgia

  • Minion

  • Futura

  • Aller

  • Birch

  • Franklin Gothic

  • Times Regular

  • Myriad

  • Helvetica -

Black 100% K type (Shows up deep rich black on traditional press)

The edge of each spread has a 15mm margin which must be left clear.

The margins are for the printing press, and putting anything within them interferes with the printing — printing presses will not be able to print your newspaper without this space.

You can design across the middle of a spread. However, be aware the sides might not align perfectly, unless it’s the centre spread.

This template is battle tested and has been successfully printed on a digital tabloid press (13 copies). It will also print better on a traditional tabloid press because the 100% K (rich black) is richer in type and photos.

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